Sunday, July 28, 2019

NGO's Gender Empowerment in Africa the case of women in Democratic Essay

NGO's Gender Empowerment in Africa the case of women in Democratic Republic of Congo - Essay Example To quote, the reasons are: The paper stated the facts that women play a very crucial role in the development of the country. It has specifically stated that women are taking part in the peace building and even on the country’s reconstruction initiatives. Thus, it is reinforced in the paper that having this roles, women’s involvement in the major decision making process of the country will somehow ensure the improvement of the country. The paper has provided evidence that the democratic Republic of Congo is a member of those countries which have included provisions for gender equality in the constitution. This paper focused on the fact that this constitution – the political will – should now be put into action – into reality. Equal Access of women and men to electoral mandates and electoral offices will improve governance and at the same time bring sustainable solutions to development of the country; women are not seeking to govern against men, but to govern with men to maximize development potential in the DRC. (UNDF 2005) The statement above concluded the entire paper. It is reinforcing the fact that men and women should be treated equally particularly if it concerns a major decision process that will benefit and will affect the entire nation. This paper basically talks about just one right that every women should be given – and that is the right to vote and the right to acquire a position in the government. The men are enjoying this basic human right, but the Congolese women are still fighting for it. This makes this press very important in my research. With this press release, it is now clear that there are many NGO’s who have been supporting Congolese women and their quest for equal rights. This paper also answers how most NGO’s such as the UNDF views Congolese women in particular. The very attributes of Congolese women that are included

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