Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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Methods of Persuasion When one thinks of government controversy, you cannot help but think of the United States. This issue is usually about how the government deals with one’s rights. Throughout history there have been many that have struggled for freedom against our so-called controversial government. Three writers each had their own specific experience with this government. Although each of these arguments relies on different methods of persuasion, Henry Thoreau, Virginia Wolf, and Fredrick Douglas all suggested that there is definitely something wrong with the United States’ system of government. The following essay will address these author’s arguments and discuss how the role of each writers’ methods of persuasion played an important role in convincing the readers as well as getting their attention. After spending a night in jail Henry Thoreau talked about the problem with the government and how they dealt with rights. The reason he was put in jail was because he refused to pay taxes that he believed was being spent on the Mexican War. Throughout the text he shows how much he disliked the way government was going. Thoreau had a strong belief that the system was going the wrong way and the only way to put it back on track was to rebel against the rules, just as he had. He wrote that in order to make the changes we must take chances and make sacrifices even if it landed us in jail. Thoreau uses a monologue as his method to persuade the readers. The main goal in his writi...

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