Monday, October 28, 2019

The Truth of All Truths Essay Example for Free

The Truth of All Truths Essay Suppressing is suffering but suffering is better than admitting Suffering is better than hurting Suppressing is better. People are the worst LIARS, not simply because of not telling the truth but liars for being completely ignorant of the real thing or two about what one truly feels, what one truly wants Liars for putting up an act of being perfectly fine when in truth, one is really messed up Liars for making others feel certain warmth Liars for secretly thinking bad for a thing Liars for hiding what the inner persona is shouting Look at the bigger picture of life. Try to note the people who are living apart from their REAL selves. â€Å"I don’t want that†; but deep inside, that’s what they really long for. â€Å"I’m not mad†; but in truth, they’re really firing up. â€Å"It’s a joke†; but it’s the truth. â€Å"I don’t like you†; but deep inside, their hearts are breaking apart. â€Å"I’m okay†; but the reality is different. The truth is a word commonly associated with facts but the truth is hard to fathom, hard to interpret and hard to admit. You know what is the real truth governing the twists and turns of truths? It is the fact that person has the tendency to deny things because it’s the heart which tells each and everyone to stop and gather up, suppress. Not accepting things is a primary hindrance. Have you ever been into a situation when you want something so badly but then ended up not getting it? Have you ever been afraid of going prank with someone you treasure? Have you ever made something to get noticed? People, in one way or another, have undergone all of this, whether unconsciously or not, and reacted differently. However, what most people are doing is clinging onto something even if they know that it can’t be anymore. There will come a time when they may say they have already moved on; but, unconsciously, there really are wounds in their heart which bother them every time and the common mistake is denying this fact. People tend to move on without accepting their real limits and denying everything that their heart feels. The ultimatum of it all is that most people are afraid of hurting themselves- afraid of rejection, afraid to let it all out, afraid of negative reactions Why is there a need for that? The truth will set you free! Don’t make up an excuse because you’re having a lie with the most important factors in your life- you and your heart. The greatest truth to be realized is to know yourself, your own feelings and emotions. Wake up, people! Take it slow Live with it!

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