Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Designing and Preparing the Evaluation Assignment - 1

Designing and Preparing the Evaluation - Assignment Example In this step, one determines where the program presently is. The result of the Assessment step is an analysis of the SWOTs (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) as per the data analysis. Here, a five-year strategic plan should be developed and written. The strategic planning workforce analyses the SWOTs and uses the results to make out and prioritize policies that the program aims to implement a stated work frame agreement. I will then revise my plan logic model and line up my yearly work plan with the prioritized policies and the timeline to be implemented. The key product of this step is the documented strategic plan. Of the most important sections of the â€Å"create† step are the executive summary, SWOT analysis, stakeholder list, program strategies, data sources list, aligned yearly work plan, implementation process, communication process, and revised five-year strategy. The step involves sharing out data concerning the plan in a manner that make the plan easily understood and essential for stakeholders. The results of the â€Å"communicate† step include the communication notes and products that I distribute annually about the strategic plan, such as evaluation, creation, and implementation. The strategies in the plan are practiced as illustrated in the strategic plan execution timeline. This step produces completion of actions in yearly work plans, as mirrored in the accomplishment of SMART aims. The implementation is recorded in my strategic plan in progress documents, using the indicators of the marketing training programs. In the evaluation step, I will evaluate the implementation of the plan and my program activities. I can develop questions and gather data to notify the yearly work plan for the following year. Data used in the evaluation are utilized in monitoring the progress of the five-year strategic plan.

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