Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Debut albums Essay Example for Free

Debut albums Essay High School. Those two words can either bring fear or happiness to anyone. Besides college, the most life altering period in one’s lifetime is the four years we must go through to finally reach that milestone of getting a diploma. High school is that time to find yourself. It’s that time where you’re expected to conduct yourself like an adult, but you still get treated like a kid, a time of confusion. Because I cannot speak for everybody’s opinions about high school, I will just share mine. I’ve realized that there is no other place in this world where you will find such a large array of people other than a public high school. You have your jocks, your honors students, your geeks, your goths, your skaters, your princesses (a. k. a. cheerleaders), your drama kids, and then you have those kids that don’t really fit into any other category but â€Å"you know, those kids. † Logically, you would think that there is absolutely no way all of those different types of people could get along, but for some unknown reason we do. School is like a whole other separate community, a business community. The C. E. O. and head honchos are the main office, the teachers are the workers, and we students are merely the entrepreneurs. With that said, I have figured out a reason on why we all get along. Every entrepreneur does what they do for all the same reasons, just like all of us students attend school for the same thing. Of course some of us attend more voluntarily than others but nevertheless, we all show up every morning for the same reason. We show up to learn, to prepare ourselves for the real world and what is to come. Most of us show up to better our chances of succeeding in education after high school. Another thing I’ve learned about high school is that for a place that is supposed to be all good and fun and educational, there sure are a lot of things that aren’t. The food isn’t good, the stressful work isn’t fun, and some classes might be educational but I sure don’t understand why the heck I have to take them, like Introduction to Animal Sciences for example. How is that helping me be prepared for the real world? However, because of these problems in the system of just about every high school, I’ve learned possibly the most valuable lessons of all: Life isn’t fair, you don’t always get what you want, and you can’t change people. The point of me telling you all of this isn’t to say what a great learning experience I’ve had or how I know that my way of life has been shaped by my experiences in school, but rather to point out that you can’t always focus on the differences, or the negatives in life, but instead to realize what you have in common, or what is good.

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