Saturday, August 24, 2019

How And Why Childrens Play Has Changed Over the Last 50 Essay

How And Why Childrens Play Has Changed Over the Last 50 - Essay Example According to the research findings, the digital revolution in the world has brought along with it its related technologies such as the smartphone, digital cameras, video game consoles, e-book readers among others that have led to the decline of outdoor play and given rise to what has come to be known as digital play. While children of the 1950s and 60s would spend their play time outdoors in the fields and terraces interacting with nature, children in our modern era are more likely to be found holed up in their cozy homes playing their favorite video games or browsing on their smartphones. Thus, it is evident that the amount of play time outdoors and the rise of digital play are two related developments where the rise of the latter has led to the fall of the former. A third related development has been the reduction of the amount of time available for children’s play. This has been attributed to economic circumstances of parents where parents in the modern economies spend most of their time in the workplace and lesser time with their children at home. A related factor has been the fact that schools have decided to cut down on the time allocated to play in favor of more time for instructional teaching. These two factors have conspired to reduce the number of time children has left to play. The integration of digital media technology into homes, schools, workplace and other areas of life is now ubiquitous. Digital technology, in terms of smartphones, digital cameras, game consoles, et cetera has now transcended into almost every facet of the human life to such an extent that it would be hard to evade it.

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