Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sonic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Sonic - Essay Example They are proven to be successful in this line of computer software production. In fact they are dubbed as the leader in digital media. One of the key reasons why they attain this status is their zeal to improve their overall business position through innovation. In fact they are one of the pioneers in burning data in blue-ray DVDs that can store massive amounts of data (up to 50 gigabytes). With the proliferation of the third generation (3G) technology, it is almost a necessity to tap this market. Though Sonic has already been in the business of providing its customers technological mileage in digital media software as compared to its rivals, it has yet to extend its market to mobile phones and gadgets. To keep up with the fast paced, ever changing, and ever shifting world, Sonic, in my opinion, should set its eyes on capitalizing on the benefits given by the most recent technology in mobile devices, particularly on its power to provide real-time duplex video streaming that can enhance productivity, as well as personal interaction. They should also find ways to maximize the productivity of their customers by utilizing commonly used objects, such as watches, for storing and playing digital media. They should engage into partnership with other hardware producers and electronics companies in designing smart products where their software can be used. 2. Digital media has undergone major changes since this technology was first introduced in the market. This technology aims to improve our productivity, our access to and communicability with our other persons and to our environment, and storage and retrieval of files. In short, it should make our life and work easier, more connected with our love ones and our fellow humans and more productive. Another important feature that it gradually adopts is its accessibility and usability by all. The invention of mobile phones and other portable gadgets capable of playing video files is an example of digital media innovation. In line these innovations in digital media, Sonic, in my opinion, should further enhance their leadership in this field of technology. They need to capitalize on the mobile gadgets market, particularly on mobile phones. Now that 3G technology users are increasing, they should find out possibilities to capture this market segment. To penetrate this market, the first new product that I would suggest is they should collaborate with mobile phone producers, and operating systems developers for mobile phones to create a mobile phone that can convert 3G streaming to DVD quality video and has a small-sized blue-ray DVD burner. By inventing this technology, mobile phones user can avail of DVD quality video file by merely using their 3G capable phones. Another new idea worth introducing to the market is the production of DVD and CD burners and players for watches. With the partnership of digital watch producers, this new product will enable its consumers to use watches for pleasure as well as for saving important document and video files by the use of their watches. This digital phone can function as a PDA and a 3G phone that has Sonic software for viewing and burning ordinary or blue-ray DVD. Another product that they can add to their innovative product line is a program that can amplify the resolution of videos. This would entail improving the quality of video by converting ordinary video CDs into superior

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