Friday, September 6, 2019

Country Living Versus City Living Essay Example for Free

Country Living Versus City Living Essay Since every person is unique they tend to live in different places depending on their taste. Some people prefer to live in big cities while some prefer countries. The bustling city is alive. The stimulation of crowds and traffic generate energy that challenges the human spirit. Perhaps that is why the city dweller reflects the image of an angry, stressed and unfriendly person. Even in Mongolia city dwellers are more stressed than country dwellers. People say life in the country is healthier Life in the city is challenging. Shopping is convenient everywhere you go you will easily find big and convenient stores. The presence of public transportation reduces the demand for private transportation which is the source of traffic gem. But there are a lot of facilities where you can spend you free time; cinemas, drama theatres, ski resorts etc. We have to remember that city life costs high and gives you much stress. Worst of all, the most expensive component of life in the city is the toll it takes on your body through stress. Also in big cities the air is not healthy. Smokes that go from massive number of cars and factors threaten our health. Another disadvantage of city is crime. Many people become the victims of crime and again they get stressed. Peaceful is the most succinct description of the country. The night is quiet the air is fresh, no bustle and hustle†¦ No heavy traffic, no sirens, no rush of the madding crowd. Life is simple and calming. Food is organic. In Mongolian country everyone knows each other and is very friendly. The country offers advantages of being unstressed. You don’t have to scared of robbers and pickpockets. You can just feel the fresh air and walk slowly. People who live in the city and country share many common lifestyle fundamentals such as jobs, commuting, and safety. You don’t need much money while you are in the country. But there are some disadvantages of living in the country. There are not many shopping centers, if you are a shopaholic you will be upset in the country. Also there are not many big facilities. Urban areas respond to emergency situations more efficiently. If to choose from these 2 life styles I would choose city living because I was born in the city and grew up here. Hustle and bustle seem close to me. Big  cities have a larger tax base which allocates more resources to public safety and health agencies such as police, firefighters, and ambulances. There are big department stores where you can buy everything you want. Although some people in cities are stressed and unfriendly city is a succinct place to have fun.

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