Friday, September 27, 2019

Situational Awareness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Situational Awareness - Essay Example 05). SA has been widely referenced in the world of aviation due to the fact that it plays a highly prominent role in operations taking place in flights. Even though the concept is considered to be very effectively in the domain of aviation, for safely operating aircraft functions for flights; it is no wonder to account for the fact that the very concept has been misemployed in its destined area. What is not appropriate is that the use of SA is most of the time based on an understanding which bases more on intuitive underpinnings than on objective analysis and implementation. Moreover, a commonly acceptable definition of SA is also scarce. As such the aviation psychologists have put all their attention on the mental links of SA owing to the fact that for tasks operations should undertake are of highly cognitive nature. Henceforth, the aviation psychologists have attempted to work out the cognitive areas that comprise the very components of SA. In other words, the aviation psychologist s have attempted to investigate the cognitive behavior of human practice that can lead to a successful understanding of SA. The empirical studies conducted in the past have revealed high correlation of memory usage in the practice of SA. (Sohn, & Doane, p. 461, 2004). Ways to Detect SA There are several ways by which ways to detect SA can be acquired. One such area is the analysis of the role played by memory in SA. Here, this single is divisible into many a subheads which tell us of the importance of understanding the role of memory in SA. Such relevant content as systems, hazards, or tasks are put to processing and ultimately stored in memory. Henceforth, the degree of accuracy of SA relies on memory in a way that the information coming in is synchronized into the cohesive interpretation and forecast of aircraft status. Due to the importance that memory components hold in SA, a number of researchers have concentrated on the role of memory in a number of differential tasks like air traffic control to detect ways of SA (Sohn, & Doane, p. 461, 2004). The basic step toward understanding SA and ways to detect it is to understand the construct of SA itself. According to Sohn, and Doane (p. 461, 2004), information processing view is the one step on which the entire understanding of SA can be employed. Here the authors quote Endsley's view that defines three levels of SA with respect to the components of processes that are cognitively perceivable. On this model the first level of understanding the construct takes into consideration the perceiving of the elements present in the environment. These elements can are other aircraft, status of the system being used, the terrain, and lights of warning. The second level of understanding the construct of SA to detect the ways to prevent any haphazard observation of any action is to integer information which is "a process of activating long-term memory (LTM) knowledge structures in order to organize the perceived situation elements into

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