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The XX band, album XX review Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The XX band, album XX review - Article Example The album received positive reviews and has just released a second album, â€Å"The Co- Exist.† (Rodgers). History of the XX band The xx band is an indie pop band formed in 2008 based in London. It released their debut album in 2009. The band has four members, Romey Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, Jamie Smith better known as Jamie xx and Baria Qureshi who left the band in 2009 after the first album. The band members studied music together at the Elliot School and have known each other for years. The band was ranked highly in the best of 2009 lists. It was number 1 on the Guardian list and 2nd on the NME. In 2010 the band won the Mercury prize for their debut album. They have just released their second album â€Å"Co-Exist† on 10th September 2012. The name of the band XX is not the chromosomes or kisses but more seen as mysterious marks. Their eponymous debut album in term of music and lyrics has traces of Pixies and Aaliyah. Caius Pawson founder of the Young Turks label an im print of XL signed them up after listening to them perform at various gigs and became their manager. Creativity Making of the Album XX Romney Madley Croft is the singer cum guitarist of the band. She is sweet natured and soft spoken. She is incapable of uttering a line that does not have a ‘come on’. She adores Mariah Carey. In the songs â€Å"Islands† and Basis Space† her voice is pleasant and has a soft vibe. She is reflective about a subject that is something not often associated with teenagers. Oliver Sim, the bassist, feels up through his responsive vocals and ever present bass. His voice is papery and has a sticking point. Oliver is obsessed by Aaliyah and this can be seen in their music. Romy and Sim may not have the best voices but they sing together because they have something to say. They provide plenty of friction to their music and bring a lot of excitement to the music. Baria Qureishi was the guitarist cum keyboard player and responsible for dr ums, but left the band after the band’s debut album under unclear circumstances (Rodgers). Jamie Smith known as â€Å"Jamie xx† is the band’s producer. He created a sound world where the simplest chord change was full of emotion. The first production acquainted listeners to music that expressed the guitar. He is a producer who is adventurous and open minded compared to other young producers. He is hungry to incorporate all manners of sounds and approaches to music. The band’s music is pop music about sex and interpersonal relationships. They are not fashionistas but definitely their influence is potent. They are strongly influenced by R&B. The XX band makes electronic edged music that is ghostly, low key and enigmatic as their curious name. The connections to the different types of music they adore gives their music an atmosphere of simplicity. The group caused a stir during their gigs in London before being signed up by Young Turks (Rodgers). The debut a lbum â€Å"XX† The eponymous debut album was self titled â€Å"xx†. The first album filled a void that most music lovers did not know exist. Their music was new where several currents of music flowed. xx the song was like a whispered secret. It incorporated hushed voices through the process of subtraction with a daring sense of space. Croft’s voice in the first album used gently picked lines that were

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