Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Networking Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Networking - Coursework Example For example, security needs may entail authentication, encryption security levels and modes of detecting intrusion. Additionally, the costs involved in the three mediums are difficult to contrast due to the different costs involved such as- acquisition costs, installation costs and maintenance costs. For an entrepreneur who wants to establish a global satellite radio system, I would begin with using at least two GEO satellites strategically placed above the globe. This would enable the satellites to transmit signals to the radio satellite receivers. Additionally, the entrepreneur would have no interference since the satellites are placed directly above the earth and would orbit continuously. The frequency of the transmission would range from 5GHz to around 30GHz. A synchronous connection can be likened to a lift that stops every floor to allow people on and off from the ground floor to the tenth floor. The first four floors refer to the input messages, while the next six floors are responsible for producing data. The network chosen is a local LAN, which is wirelessly connected and also through coaxial cables. If additional media is required, a USB cable can be used for connecting to the network. In some instances, one may want to use an external hard drive. In such instances, the hard drive is connected either via the USB or

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