Thursday, September 26, 2019

Vehicle Pay-As-You-Go Insurance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 8250 words

Vehicle Pay-As-You-Go Insurance - Essay Example These may include efficiency, equity, safety and environmental protection. This essay describes and appraises the Pay As You Go system. I wish to deliver an excellent and understanding piece of report. After the completion of my Businesses Information Technology degree I wish to do future studies in Software Engineering. This would allow me to focus on software development and go beyond programming to include such things as eliciting customers' requirements, and designing and testing software. I would learn how to assess customer needs and develop usable software that meets those needs. I am keen on how companies market their product which could help me when I have to do this at work. I will put in all the knowledge and skills that I have learnt throughout the course of my studies to my project. I would also like to learn more about marketing and how this chosen system works. By the end of the project I am hoping to gain a good level of understanding of how the systems work and the reasons for such system. In order to write this report I researched into different materials, which included books, journals articles, various publications and web resources. I widely used the internet which was essential as the time was limited and plenty of information can be extracted from various websites. Certain web resources are not reliable but I managed to avoid them by choosing only those which were official or had references given with the data. This allowed for enough accuracy in order to write this article. Some books and journal articles were also available on the internet and they were looked into. The books and journals usually provide with accurate information and data that is helpful in writing an essay. Apart from these, there were case studies and research findings also that I read up and reviewed. Such resources are very reliable thus I made use of them. Background Car insurance premiums can take a bite out of your household budget. There are many tips available to reduce your car insurance costs but the fact remains you are required by law to carry a minimum amount of coverage if you own and drive a car. While most people are aware that car insurance providers offer discounts for people who travel fewer miles than their high mileage partners many people are not aware that some insurance provide

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