Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Improving Student Academic Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Improving Student Academic Behavior - Essay Example Student performance goes beyond the mere student achievement in examinations and school tests to encompass the overall achievement of character strengths, particularly the specific dispositions, attributes, and skills that are linked with effective learning ability. Successful students are those that are not only knowledgeable in a variety of subject areas, but also those that have acquired the learning skills that will enable them fit into their respective roles in the future of societies; for that matter, improving student performance is more than just merely improving their test scores. With the great concern among educators and schools regarding improving student performance, numerous efforts have been directed towards establishing the most effective ways of improving student behavior, which has been highlighted as a core factor in education development. Student behavior has been found to be the most critical factor in improving student performance, study habits, time management, as well as personal/student accountability; parent-teacher relationships; on the other hand, are essential in encouraging positive student behavior among students generally.The relationship between parents and teachers has often been framed in terms of parental involvement or engagement in policy matters regarding planning for the provision as well as development of education throughout the world; even so, parental engagement is a new concept in the history of educational development, and an ambiguous one for that matter.

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