Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Reflectioin on the 3 articles Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reflectioin on the 3 articles - Article Example Socially, adolescents prefer the experienced over inexperienced. Yet, that is truer for boys of the same age than girls. The acts are highly presented in the media and in order to be more accurate, findings should be made on more risk behaviours. The development of an individual is related to many factors in its life and romantic adolescent's relationships are one of the more important ones. Although, considered transitory, influencing and a problem; they are important when determining one's self-worth. Yet, romantic relationships of these sort are no in any way, a behaviour problem; these are no considered myths more true for previous centuries. The basis of recent researches focus upon the involvement of an individual partner chosen for it; which is not much important than shared interests. The quality of these relationships is directly related to its stability but the studies show negativity as adolescents mature. Lastly, the intense and unpredictable show of emotionality and cognitive abilities is not studied thoroughly. The media does not imply this confidently as they show both sides of the same coin. Hence, now the research is focused upon its impact on an individual's life than the myths themselves. Acceptance in a society is reflected upon by many standards where some of them are often unconstructive.

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